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Many people have watched surfers from the beach or from the comfort of their lounge, and wondered just what it must feel like to fly down the face of a heaving wall of water, power out of a bottom turn launching towards the lip and smashing a turn off the top being momentarily weightless, fall then compress to do it again and again, whilst your feet hum from the rushing water under your board. Continue Reading →

The Impact Zone


Whether its struggling for a breath, finding which way is up after being thrown around ‘rag-doll’ style, trying not to think about the massive gashes of reef jam on your arms, legs face or feet, or praying for mercy as you fall to the bottom of a massive heaving slab of death not knowing if your going to be impaled on your fins;  wipeouts can be a life affirming experience. Continue Reading →

The Road To An Aussie Surf Title


At the HPC (High Performance Centre) in Casuarina NSW, the next crop of surfers are getting ready to take surfing to the next level. Those who have participated in these training camps have gone onto bigger and better things; Team Australia who train at the HPC have subsequently claimed 5 consecutive titles.

While WA is yet to have a training centre of it’s own – young surfers can still take their love of surfing to the next level. Continue Reading →